Welcome to the Beginning!

I am so excited to publish my new webcomic, Not On Your Chance!

It's been a long time coming, not just for a website to showcase my cartoons, but for an outlet where I can truly be myself. As this comic is truly unfiltered, keep in mind that not all content will be appropriate for kids, so maybe don't show too many of these on the slides during a church service. Now that the website's live I want to give anyone unfortunate enough to stumble upon it in its infancy the ability to give me some feedback. Are there more features you'd like to see? Is something not working as it should? Let me know by sending an email to geoff@notonyourchance.com! I encourage everyone to also check out my Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for new stuff that will be (mostly) exclusive to each website. Also, if you want an email each time I publish new comics, go to the front page of my blog and sign up!

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